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Orthodox Faith
We have many ministries which need your support. Church restauration and bizantine painting of our church is our main focus now. 

The Christian Orthodox faith is based on the believe in One God in three hypostasis: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our Monthly Service schedule will be available on the website. For any questions please contact us.
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    Billion Christians
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    Million Orthodox Christians
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    Millenia of Christianity
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    Savior: Jesus Christ
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  1. You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.

    St. Augustine of Hippo

  2. "Si aceasta este viata veşnica: Sa Te cunoasca pe Tine, singurul Dumnezeu adevarat, si pe Iisus Hristos pe Care L-ai trimis."

    Evanghelia după Ioan 17:3

Join the Orthodox Church
Yes, maybe you're not used to hear this call too often from the Orthodox Church, however this is not a designated protestant slogan, we Orthodox believers are also entitled, and even more commanded, to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). So, yes, join our ancient faith church, discover why we have been able to stand in unity over millenia, in many Eastern European and Middle East countries. The center of our worship is the Holy Liturgy, because its essence is the Eucharist, the Comunion with Christ. Through this Communion we become one with all the members of the Church. We believe in the Holy Trinity and in Jesus Christ incarnate of the Theotokos, Crucified, Resurected and Elevated. We affirm the Holy Spirit whom was send to abide in us and strenghten our faith until the Second Coming of Christ.